Black Teknigas is a leading global manufacturer of combustion, industrial, medical and laboratory gas control equipment.

With one of the most comprehensive range of gas control solutions available, the company serves a wide range of market sectors from large multi-national companies to small end-users.

The global name for gas control products
Black Teknigas offers an in-depth service to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across a wide range of industries, supplying products in volume either directly, or through an extensive distribution network across the UK and the rest of the world.

From its base at St. Neots in Cambridgeshire, UK, the company can now claim to offer one of the largest and most extensive ranges of gas control solutions available on the market – essential for an industry where safety and reliability are absolutely critical.

In its own words, ‘Black Teknigas has become a byword for excellence’. This is testimony to the ‘truly progressive way’ the company develops and manufactures all of its products for the control and distribution of high pressure compressed gases.

To ‘stay ahead of the game’ the company notes that it is continually investing in new technology and modern facilities.

Everything from CAD design to high pressure, environmental and pressure testing, from CNC turning and milling, to certificated welding and brazing.

All of this and more is carried out under one roof, at an impressive new UK facility.

Diverse demands
Black Teknigas has one of the most extensive high pressure product ranges available anywhere, catering for a whole range of diverse customer demands.

These include:
Multi cylinder pack manifolds (MCP)
Industrial gas control equipment
Medical gas control equipment
Laboratory gas control equipment
Gas regulators
Gas safety shut off values from 1/8” to 10”

Moreover, whichever Black Teknigas product is selected, the customer can be sure it has been designed and certified to comply with BS EN ISO 9001:2000, as well as the highest and most stringent European and world quality standards such as EN 13769.

The global gases business
Throughout many years of development and engineering, Black Teknigas works with many of the major international gas conglomerates.

The company has designed, built and tested numerous gas control products for the gas majors, either to their specifications and designs, or designed in-house by Black Teknigas’ expert team of engineers.

This expertise has expanded into new areas of late, including innovations for cylinder gas bundles.

The company explains, “In recent years we have developed a specialty in MCP manifolds – multi cylinder pack manifolds for cylinder bundles. We now have a turn key operation that can handle any gas company requirements for these products including suggesting correct materials and design to suit application, as well as acting as a consultant to advise and assist during compliance to stringent industry regulations such as TPED (EN 13769).”

“It is this very ability to help gas companies through the current set of regulations that has allowed us to maintain and grow our business throughout the world.”

While the company maintains growth of its own, it is also enabling its customers to grow.

A dedicated approach to customer service is at the very heart of Black Teknigas, as the company is keen to point out, “Our pro-active and friendly approach to dealing with gas companies means that in uncertain economic times, we continue to assist and help customers to expand and grow wherever they may be throughout the world.”

Strength to strength
A member of the British Compressed Gas Association (BCGA), Black Teknigas is a division of parent company Watts Industries, regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of valves and controls.

Continuing to go from strength to strength, Black Teknigas also uses its ties with other key members of the Watts Industries family to advance its offering, drawing on fellow expertise in electronics, tube manipulation and plumbing & heating products.

The company can now claim to offer one of the largest and most diverse ranges of gas control solutions available anywhere, serving clients of the calibre of British Aerospace, the Royal Air Force, the London Underground and the BOC Group.

gasworld would like to thank James Clark, Sales Manager for High Pressure products at Black Teknigas, for his contribution and efforts with coordinating this feature.