BlueOcean NutraSciences Inc. has retained the core of its carbon dioxide (CO2) gas infusion team which plans to accelerate commercial plant growth.

The team is tasked with monetising the company’s CO2 gas infusion license.

The team will continue to be led by John Archibald, co-founder of BlueOcean, InVentures and Canzone. He rejoined BlueOcean after selling all gas applications other than CO2 gas infusion licensed to the company.

Archibald will work with Dr. Matt Julius who holds significant gas infusion expertise in accelerating algae growth. They will head side-by-side growth trials at client facilities to determine incremental growth, yield and quality using CO2-infused water.

BlueOcean’s CO2 gas infusion was first proven at Canada’s NRC’s algae labs in 2009, demonstrating 200-300% accelerated growth. Since 2000, 160 commercial gas infusion devices have been installed globally under Archibald’s oversight.

The team plans to enter into royalty arrangements and install and monitor full commercial client CO2 gas infusion applications if further successful.

CEO Marvin Heuer explained, “Dissolving CO2 gas into water for foliar spray could accelerate above ground commercial marijuana, cash produce, flowers, urban micro greens and other high value photosynthetic plant growth beyond just algae.”