Airgas, Inc. has announced that the Company’s Board of Directors has unanimously appointed John C van Roden to serve as Chairman. The Company has also taken the decision to reappoint Peter McCausland, Airgas’ CEO, as Director of the Company.
Van Roden brings 20 years of financial and strategic management experience to the role. He has acted as an Airgas Director since October 2006 and has previously benefited from senior leadership positions at P.H. Glatfelter, Conectiv and Lukens.
In a separate move, IVS Associates, Inc., the Independent Inspector of Elections, certified the results of the stockholder vote at Airgas’ 2010 Annual Meeting. Consequently, John P Clancey, Robert L Lumpkins and Ted B Miller, Jr. Have joined the Airgas Board of Directors.
The Inspector of Elections’ certified results indicate that a majority of votes cast and just less than 50% of all outstanding shares, elected in favour of Air Products’ By-Law Amendment proposal to require that a Meeting of Stockholders be held on 18th January 2011.
Airgas maintains its position that the January proposal is legally invalid. The firm asserts that it contradicts both Delaware law and Airgas’ Certificate of Incorporation. Furthermore, Airgas contends that the proposal has not received full approval as it received the affirmative vote of just less than 67% of the shares entitled to vote. The Company continues to pursue legal redress, having previously filed suit in the Delaware Chancery Court to invalidate the proposed By-Law Amendment.