The Linde AG's Annual General Meeting (AGM) held today saw the shareholders’ representatives elected in rotation for the new Supervisory Board, which has been reduced in size from 16 to 12 members.

At the constitutive meeting immediately following the AGM, the Supervisory Board members confirmed the appointment of Dr Manfred Schneider as Chairman of the Supervisory Board in one of the highlights of the shuffle. Dr Schneider has been a member of the Linde AG Supervisory Board from 29th May 2001 and Chairman of the Supervisory Board from 27th May 2003.

Matthew F. C. Miau of Taiwan, was newly elected to the Supervisory Board as a shareholders’ representative, while the following members retired from the Linde AG Supervisory Board: Dr Karl-Hermann Baumann, Gerhard Full, Professor Dr Jürgen Strube (shareholders’ representative), Siegried Friebel and Josef Schuhbeck (employees’ representative).