BOC’s Customer Service Centre in Manchester was recently acknowledged for offering, ‘outstanding learning and development practices and a focus on customer experience that is regarded as paramount at every operating level.’

Barely months into 2011, the industrial gases firm, BOC, has been awarded for its people focused investment strategy. The accolade was delivered courtesy of Investors in People, who offered the company the ‘Silver Standard’. Of the firms assessed, only one percent of these go on to achieve this certification.

Jenny Trickett, Lead Assessor for Investors in People, commended BOC, “BOC’s CSC has, once again, demonstrated its commitment to its people, and its desire to support each and every employee as they work together towards the goal of being part of a High Performance Organisation,”

Trickett concluded, “It is always a pleasure to meet the team at the CSC, and the Silver IIP accreditation is richly deserved.”

The assessment process involved interviews with around 50 employees from across all aspects of the business. Mark Jenkinson, Head of the Customer Service Centre, remarked, “We are very clear that we are a Customer Service Centre, not a call centre, with the emphasis on ‘customer’ and ‘service’.$quot;

$quot;We are delighted to have won this award, but it is a step on a journey. We are already planning and communicating the improvements our people want to see.” Indeed, BOC has already announced its ambition to achieve the Gold Standard by 2012.