A partnership between BOC and a Canadian company will see groundbreaking medical technology used to cure cardiovascular disease being made available throughout Europe.

The technology, which uses freezing temperatures to treat diseased tissue of patients with irregular heartbeats, has been developed by Montreal-based CryoCath Technologies, and has been successfully launched in North America.

CryoCath leads the world in cryotherapy products to treat cardiovascular disease. Traditionally, the use of freezing temperatures to treat diseased tissue has been limited by the inability to deliver the treatment in a minimally invasive manner. Cryocath has successfully overcome this obstacle by developing flexible, steerable, minimally invasive catheters to deliver cold therapy safely and effectively.

Having worked closely with BOC Canada, CryoCath turned to BOC Medical in the UK for help in the development of a new nitrous oxide cylinder and valve when it decided to enter the European market.

BOC designed the new cylinder and valves and collaborated with Luxfer Gas Cylinders in Nottingham and CryoCath to ensure the smooth changeover from parallel cylinder threads, as used in North America, to the EU standard of taper threads.

From its Worsley site, near Manchester, BOC now fills and ships cylinders to CryoCath's European base at Tilburg, Holland, from where they are despatched to end users across Europe.

Bill Micholuk, CryoCath Technologies materials manager, said: \\$quot;Going into the European launch we at CryoCath were not familiar with the many regulatory issues concerning cylinders, valves and nitrous oxide. Had it not been for the collaboration and dedicated teamwork of BOC in managing the supply chain and guiding us through the regulatory and material requirements, nitrous oxide supply to our new customers would have been seriously impeded.\\$quot;

Matthew Stockwin, BOC Medical's business development manager, said: \\$quot;Thanks to the assistance of teams throughout BOC we have been able to provide CryoCath with a successful business solution. This has been a win-win for all parties, and as CryoCath business's grows across Europe, BOC is benefiting from increased orders.\\$quot;