BOC and MORE, a chemical energy and injection systems supplier to electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmaking, have announce the next step in their five-year partnership \\$quot;“ the MORE Hi_JET.

In order to meet the growing global demand for recycling steel, BOC and MORE have developed the MORE Hi_JET - the next generation to the original BOC Burnjector. Hi_JET has proven itself already in over 18 installations worldwide. The single, compact device utilises the unique capabilities of simultaneously injecting a powerful stream of carbon particles, a supersonic oxygen jet and a high velocity oxyfuel burner, which can provide a productivity improvement of more than 10 per cent along with significant electrical energy savings.

"We are focused on continually improving what we do in order to deliver new technology to the marketplace," said Lucio Londero, MORE\\$quot;s president.

"Partnering with BOC, we can provide customers with an exceptional and highly advanced chemical energy package for EAF steelmaking. With the wider product line, which now includes the MORE Hi_JET, a system can be customised for every EAF furnace to optimize each melting process," added Londero.

MORE is the exclusive licensee and manufacturer of BOC\\$quot;s Burnjector technology, combining its original chemical energy injection technology, known as a Module, with the Hi_JET, for use in EAFs. The two companies recently expanded their licensing agreement to grant MORE exclusive worldwide rights to BOC\\$quot;s Burnjector technology for use in EAFs, and permitting BOC to act as the selling partner for MORE\\$quot;s complete line of products and services, in certain geographies, such as many areas of Asia, where there is an increasing demand.