BOC, a member of Linde plc, and Australian transport company Nortrans today celebrated 50 years of partnership at a special event held in Townsville, Queensland.

For five decades, family-run business Nortrans has been safely transporting BOC gas across North Queensland and the Northern Territory. The team covers one million square kilometres for BOC, which encompasses some of the most remote locations in Australia.

Ashley Mills, Head of Regional Operations, BOC South Pacific congratulated Nortrans on the significant partnership milestone which he attributed to the strong alignment that the companies have in safety and customer service.

“Road transport is a critical part of BOC’s national delivery network and allows us to supply gas to almost any location in Australia – including our mining, resources, agriculture and industrial customers located in remote areas across North Queensland and the Northern Territory,” he highlighted.


Source: BOC

Ashley Mills, Head of Regional Operations at BOC South Pacific and Rodney Battle, Owner of Nortrans

“We are proud to celebrate this milestone with Nortrans and recognise the team for its strong commitment to safety which has been the highlight of its 50 years of service to BOC.”

“Nortrans is known for its professionalism and spirit in getting the job done. They are often faced with tough conditions including floods and storms in the wet season. Despite these challenges, the team will proactively find a solution to limit the impact on our customers.”

“This was evident in the recent floods across Queensland, which stranded four Nortrans trucks in remote locations for up to two weeks, due to road closures. During this period, no BOC customers were left without stock due to the quick response from Nortrans to make alternate supply arrangements.”

Rodney Battle, Owner of Nortrans said the long-term partnership with BOC has spanned three family generations and helped shape Nortrans into the remote area specialists they are today.


Source: BOC

Seeton Battle, Rodney Battle, Ms Cathy O’Toole MP (Member for Herbert), Arthur Battle and Kent Battle

“Working with BOC has driven us to be a leader in technology and safety – and permeate a strong internal safety culture throughout our entire business from the front seat, right through to the workshop floor,” he said.

“It is a proud moment for Nortrans as we reflect on the past 50 years and how far we have come with BOC. We started with one gas truck, and now have 36 gas qualified drivers working across a fleet of 25 full-time gas trucks with the latest technology including satellite tracking and safety cameras.”

BOC has operated in Queensland for over 50 years with Gas & Gear stores in Garbutt and Cairns, and 72 gas agents in North Queensland.