BOC and Viridian Glass, a division of CSR Building Products, have completed an extension to their long-term partnership after the companies signed a new 10-year supply agreement.

The deal will secure the ongoing compressed air, hydrogen and nitrogen gas requirements of Viridian’s Dandenong site, the only float glass manufacturing facility in Australia.

As part of the new agreement, BOC’s nitrogen generator plant in Dandenong, which is connected to Viridian’s site through a pipeline, has received a significant upgrade with capacity increasing by 20% to directly support Viridian’s growing production needs.

Hugh Jones, Tonnage Account Manager said BOC is pleased to be supporting Viridian to implement innovative supply solutions that will help keep its manufacturing operations competitive in the global glass manufacturing market.

Jones said, “BOC and Viridian have worked together in Dandenong for more than 40 years, serving the production demands of the float glass industry in Australia since 1974. This new agreement strengthens our partnership and shows the confidence that both our companies have in the local manufacture of float glass which relies heavily on the reliable supply of nitrogen gas.”

Warren Seal, Viridian’s Supply Chain General Manager said securing long-term supply agreements for its hydrogen and nitrogen gas requirements is critical for Viridian to meet growing demand from the construction market.

“Securing long-term supply arrangements is a key step to improve the efficiency and productivity of our Dandenong facility. This is a world class site providing enhanced customer service through specialised architectural glass products, shorter lead times relative to imports and extensive product warranties which it can support as the only float glass manufacturer in the region,” stated Seal.

As part of the agreement, BOC will also supply hydrogen from its Altona site and air supplied through an onsite compressor which is vital for the heating and cooling of glass production.