The Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) has named BOC Australia as its WTIA Company of the Year 2008, reflecting the industrial gas company’s dedicated service to the welding industry in the country.

The prestigious honour was awarded to BOC Australia for its advancement of welding and joining, as well as its contributions to industry in Australia since 1935.

The announcement was made at the WTIA’s annual awards night, held as part of National Manufacturing Week and WeldTech Exhibition taking place in Melbourne in mid May.

Since the start of 2008 BOC has brought a number of new welding products to the market, including the MagMATE Flame Gas Equipment, Smootharc TIG 200 AC/DC, Gas saver kits, the Smoothcut 160 Plasma Cutter and ProFill Mild Steel gas rods.

Last year BOC also hosted an independent series of seminars covering the latest developments in laser materials processing from around the globe, where the Linde subsidiary shared the exciting opportunities that high power lasers offer to the manufacturing industry.

Continuing innovation
Dr John Coyne, General Manager of Industrial Equipment & Safety, received the award on behalf of the company and reflected, “It is a privilege to have been chosen as the Company of the Year 2008 by the WTIA. Our staff have worked hard all year and this award is great recognition of this.”

“Our Welding & Trade Tools business is a very important part of our business as we look to the future. BOC have 85 Gas & Gear stores, 1000 gas agents and over 400 equipment partners all over Australia and New Zealand.”

“We are working on some very exciting projects to bring new products to market to make welding safer and more productive. We thank the WTIA for bestowing this great honour on us and we are looking forward to continuing to lead the welding industry into the future,” concluded Dr Coyne.

Equally enthusiastic about the services BOC brings to the market, WTIA Executive Director Chris Smallbone said, “BOC has provided outstanding service to the welding industry. It is a major provider of welding equipment in the South Pacific Region.”

“The company places such importance on welding that they employ eight Welding Product
Specialists (WPSs) in four separate regions around the country to assist customers in achieving welding best practice.”

Gas & Gear upgrade
Meanwhile, BOC Australia’s Gladstone Gas & Gear division has undergone a major upgrade in recent months and is now open as a new and improved store.

Based in Queensland, South Australia, the company celebrated the store upgrade with an open day on 23rd April. Tony Demari, Gladstone Gas & Gear Manager, explained, “The upgrade to Gladstone Gas & Gear will service the growing Gladstone region. We not only serve the large metal refinery community here but also tradespeople in the building, plumbing, refrigeration and warehousing industries. We also carry gases, welding equipment, safety gear and trade tools.”

BOC, a member of The Linde Group, supplies compressed and bulk gases, chemicals and equipment throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.