BOC Healthcare has introduced a revolutionary new oxygen cylinder for frontline emergency medical services in the UK, offering an ultra-lightweight and easy-to-use source of medical oxygen.

Developed in cooperation with Ambulance Trusts and Luxfer Gas Cylinders, the 1 litre, 300-bar cylinder weighs in at just 1.55kg at full capacity – the lightest cylinder package currently available.

As well as having the best gas weight-to-duration ratio available on the market, the new BOC oxygen cylinder has the added benefits of lightweight integral valves, regulators and easy-click settings.

As a member of The Linde Group, BOC worked closely with Luxfer Gas Cylinders to develop the ultra-lightweight product - which incorporates Luxfer’s Odyssey-L7X® cylinders. Easy to transport and manoeuvre, these are the ideal choice for emergency medical services and pre-hospital care. The cylinders can significantly reduce the risk of occupational strains and injuries associated with patient and equipment-handling, to crews working under pressure, particularly in confined or inaccessible spaces.

BOC Healthcare’s Product Manager, Gloria Jennings, said confidently, “We worked very closely with Ambulance Trusts to ensure that this new lightweight cylinder technology enhances their ability to respond rapidly, cost-effectively and above all, safely.”

Manish Vadher, Marketing Director for Luxfer Gas Cylinders, added, “Luxfer was delighted to work with BOC in developing a great product using our patented higher-strength, lighter-weight L7X® aluminium alloy technology.”

The South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) is one of the first Trusts in the UK to benefit from the new 1 litre cylinder technology and Eddie Webb, Operational Supervisor from SCAS Kidlington Resource Centre Motorcycle Response Team, explained, “This 1 litre cylinder is proving vital for our bike division.”

“It weighs less, takes up hardly any space, and means that paramedics arriving at the scene of an emergency incident can administer life-saving oxygen immediately.”

The success of the collaborative project demonstrates the vision shared by both companies - to harness expertise and technology to the benefit of patients and the professionals who care for them.

Luxfer Odyssey-L7X® cylinders are part of the extensive Luxfer Medical range of aluminium and composite products.