BOC Edwards are investing $75 million USD in seven gas plant facilities to ensure bulk gas supply to nine electronics ventures.

The gas plants will support the manufacture of semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing fabs currently under construction.

The gas supply schemes, paving the way these multiple supply contracts, are being developed as part of a $75 million investment with BOC’s long-term joint venture partner, BOC Leinhwa Industrial Gases Company, Ltd. (BOCLH).

The seven new gas plants consist of two nitrogen generator plants in Hsinchu Science Park, a new 300 mm facility in Taichung, and 4 new nitrogen plants in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Tainan.

Commenting on the new projects, Managing Director of Materials and Services for BOC Edwards Neels Kriek said, “The proven performance and reliability of BOC Edwards’ products, combined with BOC Lienhwa’s expertise and local knowledge, gives us confidence in our continuing success in Taiwan”.

The two nitrogen plants in Hsinshu will expand the gas supply and pipeline network for Hsinchu Science Park. Through BOCLH, BOC Edwards will reinforce its nitrogen (N2) pipeline infrastructure by building two ultra high-purity N2 gas generator plants. The investment will support bulk gas supply contracts at four new 300 mm semiconductor fabs.

The Hsinchu is said to account for approximately 10% of total global output of semiconductor devices, more than 80% of wafer foundry capacity, and home to more than 325 high-tech companies.

The next BOCLH and BOC Edwards plant will be at Taichung Science Park. The agreement will secure the supply of bulk gases to a leading a leading wafer fabrication company. BOCLH will supply this new 300 mm facility with a full range of high-purity bulk gases, including installation of an onsite BOC Spectra-N nitrogen generator.

Two of the four new plants arranged to benefit flat panel display customers in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and the Tainan Science Park are already on-stream. The last two, which will support contracts won with several Generation 4, 5 and 6 flat panel display manufacturers, are scheduled to start up this year.