BOC Edwards, has launched a new Basement Gate Valve (BGV) designed to enable their dry vacuum pumps to be kept running during foreline maintenance.

The company say the product is designed towards pumps operating in harsh processes and this should maximise reliability and up-time. The valves were developed as part of a joint collaboration with VAT, a worldwide leader in vacuum valves.

BOC Edwards expplian, $quot;The valves have been specially designed with a unique wedge sealing system that eliminates the complex mechanism of traditional gate valves. The benefit is that no oil, grease, or moving parts are within the vacuum, thereby reducing the risk of the mechanism being damaged by contamination of the lubrication in dusty processes. In addition, the simplified gate sealing design makes for quick and easy maintenance.$quot;

The new range includes both manual and pneumatic BGV valves, and can be supplied with the solenoid pre-fitted and wired for easy installation.