A process that began just over a year ago to create one leading global gases and engineering
company has reached a new milestone: Starting today the integrated BOC Gases and Linde Gas organizations in North America will be branded as Linde.

Pat Murphy, president, Linde North America said, $quot;The integration enables us to deliver more value to customers by broadening our product and service offering, expanding our geographic footprint, enhancing our process and application expertise and gives us the ability to take advantage of each company’s experience and unique strengths.$quot;

Those strengths include in excess of $2bn in sales in North America and 5,000 employees. Linde serves over 100,000 customers in the food, chemicals, metals, glass, energy, electronics, welding and fabricating industries from a network of over 400 locations, including plants, sales offices and retail outlets, and 1,600 trucks and railcars.

Beginning this fall, the new logo will make its appearance on Linde plants, trucks and bulk gas tanks throughout the U.S., Canada and Caribbean, a conversion process expected to continue over several years.