BOC Gases has received the Google Enterprise Search Superstar Award for its innovative use of Google's Search Appliance, enabling employees to quickly locate business information and employee expertise.

Thousands of customers use Google's integrated hardware and software search appliances to make their searches for business information as easy as searching on The Google Enterprise Search Superstar Award highlights people and companies using Google enterprise search products in innovative ways to improve the search experience and obtain better business results.
BOC received the award for its 2006 implementation of the Google Search Appliance and OneBox for Enterprise, which allow knowledge and information to be shared easily across the entire company.

$quot;So much of a company's knowledge exists in people's heads. To help unlock this valuable knowledge, we developed - as part of our identity management strategy - a system that allows employees to enter information about their work experience, skill sets and other areas of expertise, such as professional certifications and language skills,$quot; said Danny Perri, business process consultant, BOC.

$quot;When we implemented the Google Search Appliance to make our document-based knowledge more accessible, we used Google's OneBox integration tool to build a richer search experience that return links to relevant people as well as links to relevant documents, right there on the same results page. Sometimes finding the expert is far more useful than simply finding a document. We see it as a simple, cost-effective way to make work a little easier, and to make our company a lot more successful,$quot; Perri said.

Matthew Glotzbach, head of products for Google Enterprise, said: $quot;Google customers continue to demonstrate in new and innovative ways how search can improve a business. Google is happy to honor BOC as a Google Enterprise Search Superstar, and a terrific example of excellence in search.$quot;