The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) has recognized BOC Gases, a U.S. affiliate of The Linde Group, for excellent safety performance in 2006.

The company was presented with both the groups Leonard Parker Pool Safety Award, and one of its Fleet Safety Awards at the industry trade group's annual meeting in Florida this month.

The Leonard Parker Pool award is given to the CGA member company who has shown the greatest improvement in safety performance over a five year period, measured in part by the greatest reduction in OSHA recordable personal injuries. BOC last received the award in 2002, for its prior year performance.

Pat Murphy, regional business unit head for Linde in North America, said, $quot;Believing in safety as our most important core value, watching out for ourselves and others, and demonstrating effective visible leadership has had an impact. Receiving this award shows that we have improved and is a major step towards achieving our vision of leading the industry in safety, health, environment and quality.$quot;

For the second consecutive year, BOC also received the Fleet Safety award for the safe driving of its cylinder trucks in the over 3 million-mile category. This award is given to a member company with the lowest number of recordable vehicle incidents. This is an impressive achievement as the company claims that in 2006, BOC's fleet of some 200 trucks in Canada and the U.S. covered 6.4 million miles.