BOC are to build a new hydrogen plant in Pohang, Korea to meet growing customer demand.

The new hydrogen plant will supply gases via pipeline to Pohang Coated Steel, Co. Ltd. (POCOS), located in Korea’s Pohang Steel Complex.

As part of the new 15-year agreement with POCOS, BOC will install a 1,200 cubic meter per hour steam methane reformer-type hydrogen plant, which will be commissioned in June. The gaseous hydrogen will be piped to POCOS through an existing 5.2km pipeline. BOC also supply POCOS with gaseous nitrogen.

POCOS is an affiliate of POSCO (Pohang Steel Corporation), a worldwide producer of steel. POCOS’ main businesses include galvanized steel sheets for construction, automobile parts, pipes and colour sheets, aluminised steel sheets mainly for car exhaust systems, home appliances and other heat related items.

BOC has been supplying gas to POCOS and other local electric arc furnace and controlled atmosphere customers, from its production facilities in Pohang since 1991. BOC have two ASUs in the area that have a combined capacity of 577 tonnes per day.

BOC Vice-President of Metals Marketing, Nigel Jewkes said, “BOC has established a relationship as a reliable supplier and business partner to POCOS during the past 14 years. BOC is the sole industrial gases supplier in the Pohang Steel Making Industrial Complex and has a strong position in the Pohang area. This is another example of BOC continuing to deliver tailored gas solutions to customers in Asia using the company’s international network of resources and expertise.”

Over the last year, BOC has announced several major contracts with steel manufacturers including, Mannshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. China; Jindal Vijaynager Steel Ltd. India; and TAGAL, a 50/50 JV between German Steel maker Thyssen-Krupp Stahl AG and China’s Angang New Steel Co. Ltd.