BOC Healthcare has installed FireSafe oxygen arrestors throughout Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital in the UK, as part of an extensive fire prevention programme implemented by Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

The Queen Alexandra Hospital has recently undergone a major extension – the new facilities opened for business on 15th June this year.

The new hospital has 1,400 beds and its Emergency Department treats over 100,000 patients a year – making it one of the busiest in the UK.

The Trust’s Fire Safety Advisor had identified the bedside supply of oxygen as one area which needed upgrading. He recommended that all the outlets in the wards be fitted with oxygen arresters to prevent the spread of fire.

FireSafe nozzles, supplied by BOC Healthcare, were chosen and have now been fitted throughout the hospital.

The FireSafe nozzles are attached to the oxygen flowmeters which control the amount of oxygen supplied to patients. Should the cannula catch fire, the FireSafe device cuts the supply of oxygen: in this way it minimises the risk of an oxygen-supported fire occurring on the wards.

Melanie Baird, BOC Healthcare Account Manager, commented, “Oxygen is a key part of so many medical therapies today, but as the country’s largest producer of medical and industrial gases, we realise that it requires careful handling.$quot;

$quot;The FireSafe nozzles we provide to customers are an important way of minimising the risks while maximising the benefits of medical oxygen.”