In an Australian first, BOC has launched R744 – an environmentally friendly, natural refrigerant into the Australian marketplace.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) used as a refrigerant and non-ozone depleting, R744 is a non-global warming, non-flammable, all natural refrigerant gas.

CO2 was first used as a refrigerant in the 19th century, but fell out of use by the 1950’s due to the development of freons. However, CO2 is regaining popularity with refrigeration system designers as an alternative to fluorocarbons – now that its lower environmental impact is coming to the fore.

Caroline Rham, BOC’s Product Manager for Refrigerant Gases, explained, “Developing and encouraging the use of natural refrigerants which are safe, efficient and sustainable such as ammonia R717 and carbon dioxide R744, are at the forefront of BOC’s environmentally friendly refrigerant solutions.”

“R744 is non-flammable and low in toxicity. It has zero ozone depleting potential, negligible global warming potential and excellent thermodynamic properties. Combine this with the fact it carries no refrigerant taxes, will not be phased out and is readily available, and you will see why we are so excited to bring this product to market.”

Rham concluded, “BOC’s R744 is unique and innovative in that it is a high purity gas with a guaranteed very low moisture of less than 10 parts per million specifically developed for refrigeration systems. Standard grade CO2 used in food processing or welding applications are not suitable for refrigeration because of its high moisture content.”

BOC’s R744 is currently available in GE size (31KG) cylinders with liquid withdrawal. The cylinders have a green shoulder with a purple band to differentiate them from other grades and represent BOC R744’s distinctive environmental and high quality benefits.

For large volumes, BOC can also supply MAN15 pack liquid R744 with a capacity of 465kg.