BOC is partnering with Alcoa World Alumina Australia and CSBP, a Wesfarmers subsidiary, in a 15-year contract that is set to be the biggest in Australia using waste carbon dioxide (CO2).

BOC\\$quot;s expertise and CO2 treatment process will be used in Alcoa\\$quot;s carbonation project, which will consume between 180 and 220 tonnes of waste stream CO2 per day.

The CO2 is consumed when it is added to Alcoa\\$quot;s bauxite residue, a refining waste product, and reduces the alkalinity (pH) levels of the material.

BOC is installing the infrastructure and supplying the operating expertise necessary to provide downstream processing of the raw CO2 provided by CSBP for supply to Alcoa.

"The size of the project is extremely significant in terms of a very real reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere," said Tim Few, major customer executive, BOC. "We are providing CO2 treatment and the infrastructure to transport it via pipeline to Alcoa. In addition, there\\$quot;s scope to implement similar processes across other applications and refineries within Alcoa \\$quot;“ and indeed within the wider alumina industry."

Project development and construction is underway, and Alcoa plans to begin receiving carbon dioxide from BOC (using raw CSBP CO2 as feed stock) by the end of 2006.

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