BOC has launched a range of new upgraded 300-bar industrial gas cylinder packages. BOC’s customers in Scotland are the first in the UK to benefit from the cylinders, which incorporate the company’s award-winning new EVOS Ci™ valve technology.

The first customer delivery took place at The University of Strathclyde’s Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry in June.

The introduction of the new cylinders is in response to customer demand for more gas in our cylinders, less weight and better value. For high volume gas users who keep their gas cylinders connected in one location, the new 50L cylinder is similar in height and diameter to the existing package. Filled to 300-bar it holds up to 38% more gas than the existing 46L cylinder filled to 230-bar.

More gas means fewer cylinder change overs and less manual handling - it also means fewer deliveries, saving customers time and money. For mobile gas users who frequently move cylinders around their site, then BOC’s new 33L cylinder is smaller and lighter than the existing 46L cylinder. Filled to 300 bar it contains just 10% less gas than the existing cylinder package and being considerably lighter it is easy to manoeuvre.

Nathan Palmer, BOC’s Director of Bulk and Packaged Gases, said, “With this package, we are innovating to provide our customers with the safest and most efficient equipment to enable them to do their jobs effectively. The introduction of the new 300-bar cylinders means that we can now meet our customers’ demands for either more gas in our cylinders or less weight, depending on their preferences, and for better value in both cylinders. The new EVOS range is truly a break-through in valve design and represents a leap forward in performance, safety, ergonomics and efficiency.”

The 33L and 50L new cylinder packages both incorporate EVOS Ci valve technology. Technologically advanced and ground-breaking, the new EVOS valves represent a significant leap from standard gas industry valves - not only in the striking, state-of-the-art ergonomic design - but also in terms of safety and productivity benefits delivered.

EVOS Ci valve technology employs a uniquely designed, quick-action lever in place of the more traditional spindle key or hand-wheel mechanism for opening and closing of the valve. This innovative open/close functionality ensures easy opening to improve efficiency, fast closing in case of emergency and, as an extra safety feature, the ability to physically see at a distance whether the valve is open or closed. In terms of manual handling the purpose built guard allows for easy cylinder churning and is suitable for crane lifting with the use of a strap or sling.

The cylinder valve design incorporates several additional new features including a safety ‘interlock’ system to mitigate the risk of the valve being opened accidentally; a uniquely designed guard to improve user safety and prevent damage to the valve; and with optimal grip design for ease of handling. There is also a real-time content gauge to allow users to get an indication of the amount of gas left, at a glance.

BOC is the UK & Ireland’s largest supplier of industrial gases and related equipment and a Member of The Linde Group.