BOC has released a new range of portable gas detection instruments that offer protection and service to workers across Australia and New Zealand.
The Linde range, ‘G-TECTATM’ includes single or multiple gases instruments that are used to monitor an environment for dangerous gases and oxygen.
The range can monitor carbon dioxide, oxygen, ozone gases, hydrogen sulphide and methane. Gas detectors in the range alert the user visually and aurally when the monitored gas is detected. The products are ergonomically designed with an upward facing display to enable ease of reading.
Joe Martinez, Senior Product Manager of Safety commented, “G-TECTATM is a highly professional range of gas detecting equipment. The knowledge and expertise of Linde, as a global leader in the gas industry assures the highest quality and standard when it comes to safety.”
Martinez continues, “All G-TECTATM products can be connected to a PC or Docking Station, allowing settings to be managed and data downloads to be recorded. Data management of gas detection instruments is an essential tool in the workplace because it provides data for accountability purposes and can help establish the source of any current or futures risks on site.”
Products from the new G-TECTATM range are available from BOC Gas & Gear stockists in Australia.