Sue Graham Johnston, Managing Director of UK, Ireland & Africa BOC, has been appointed to the board of German Industry UK (GIUK).

In cooperation with the Federation of German Industry, GIUK is the voice of German industry in the UK, providing a forum for the discussion and exchange of experience and views on subjects relating to industry, economy and politics across the UK.

Founded in May 1975, GIUK’s mission is to support German industry in the UK. Some of the organisation’s 250 strong member companies include BOC, BASF, Siemens and BMW.

sue g j boc

BOC Managing Director Sue Graham Johnson.

As a fierce role model and advocator for innovation, Graham Johnston (left) has been a spearhead in the industry’s movement for innovation, delivering an engaging speech at gasworld’s 2016 European Industrial Gas Conference in Düsseldorf under the topic ‘R&D – Why industrial gas innovation is essential.’

Her career prior to Linde-BOC focused on leadership, speed to market and continuous improvement, with more than 15 years spent driving product evolution at hardware and software innovators Sun Microsystems and Oracle.

These are core themes she has continued to impart since joining The Linde Group in summer 2015, fostering a mantra of process re-engineering – an ongoing mindset of improvement and re-imagining throughout the business units she is responsible for.

She also holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering & Product Design and Manufacturing Systems Engineering as well as an MBA from Stanford University.

She has highlighted her commitment and personal journey towards implementing innovation in previous interviews with gasworld, stating, “Before joining BOC, I spent about 17 years between Sun and Oracle – which is a technical-based company dealing with hardware and software manufacturing. It was great fun and a big challenge – which is exactly what drew me here to BOC and the company’s focus on digitalisation and innovation.”

“The digital revolution has fundamentally changed how we live, work, shop and interact with each other,” she continued. “The customers we supply are more digitally enabled and are under increasing pressure as competition becomes more global. That’s where innovation comes in.”

“Many industries would quite simply cease to exist if we stopped making our products, and gases are a critical component in manufacturing, processing, refining and many other industries. That means we have a unique position from which to champion and lead change, which is where we see The Linde Group now – leading change in our industry that will in turn help our customers be more productive and more profitable.”