New recommendations from the UK’s Resuscitation Council expect those in the dental healthcare field to be prepared for dealing with ‘common medical emergencies’, a requirement which equipment from BOC Medical is helping to meet.

The council stated in its July 2006 document titled Medical Emergencies and Resuscitation, “There is a public expectation that Dental Practitioners and Dental Care Professionals should be competent in managing common medical emergencies.”

To that end, emergency oxygen kits and automated external defibrillators (AED’s) available from BOC Medical are being used by healthcare professionals to meet the challenge. The equipment forms part of the minimum recommended equipment listed by the council.

While medical emergencies in dental practices may be rare, these do occur and the council see’s it as vital that dental professionals have the right equipment and adequate training to deal with such circumstances.

BOC, a member of the Linde Group, can provide practices with two different kits which can help dental professionals deal with emergencies. The LifeLine Emergency Oxygen kit consists of a portable oxygen cylinder and ancillary equipment while the Powerheart G3 is an automated external defibrillator.