BOC has set-up a new cryogenic storage facility in the UK. The latest addition to BOC’s portfolio will house tissue samples and other items which need to be stored at very low temperatures.
The BOC Cryobank utilises DryStore freezers which offer enhanced sample security. Similarly, operator safety is maximised since the storage area is completely free of liquid nitrogen. Instead the liquid nitrogen is housed in a jacket surrounding the chamber which enables temperatures to reach lows of 190˚C.

Furthermore, since no liquid nitrogen comes into contact with the samples, the risk of cross-contamination is significantly reduced. The Cryobank will be able to accommodate over half a million 2ml vials when at full capacity.

Elton Chapman, BOC Healthcare Business Manager, remarked, “Ensuring the safe and secure storage of research samples is vital in today’s multi-million pound medical research environment.”
He added, “Through discussions with a number of our customers we had become aware of a need for this type of facility. We brought together experts from a number of fields, including engineering, cryogenics and software development to engineer this facility which is unique in the UK.”