BOC has released a new technical reference manual for welders, which brings together information on welding, gas and safety in one comprehensive volume. With over 650 colour pages of extensive technical information, the reference manual is well suited to long term, regular users of industrial equipment.

According to BOC, it has taken its existing catalogue and given it a major facelift. As well as providing details of its entire product range BOC has added in over 100 new pages of technical reference information drawn from its global expertise.

The manual can be used as a generic guide for anyone in the industry and provides important technical and safety tips plus information on maintenance and care. Importantly the manual provides advice on matching the right welding equipment, consumables and gas for specific applications.

This is an area that customers have told BOC they would like help with. Technical tips include process descriptions and detailed information on the applications of industrial gases. Comparisons are displayed in easy-to-follow charts designed to help customers select the right product for their needs.