BOC is helping clients reduce costs with its new gas cylinder-valve cleaning solution which boasts up to 60% reduced cleaning costs.
BOC’s latest product uses an environmentally-friendly bath system rather than traditional Trichlorethylene (Trike) technology. In doing so it reduces cylinder cleaning costs, enhances lifecycle and offers a healthier working environment for operatives.
The change in technology was put in place by BOC maintenance foreman, Wayne Drew. Drew remarked, “The new process is much healthier all round – for employees and the environment. In addition, while cost was not the primary driver for change, BOC has accrued significant savings since making the switch. As well as reducing vapour loss, it consumes a lot less energy and, in its first nine months of operation, used just over 30kg of Novec HFE71DE solvent compared to an estimated 300kg of Trike.”
Drew concluded, “It is also operationally efficient. The equipment requires less cooling time which, in turn, enables faster throughput. Automating the process reduces risk of human error.”
The new solution satisfies BOC’s ‘SHEQ’ safety, health, environment and quality priorities. Not only does it offer a viable cleaning alternative to Trike, but it eliminates the need for operatives to undergo health monitoring. Consequently, the solution is now classed as the best practice for BOC UK and Ireland, as well as The Linde Group around the world.
Novec HFE 71DE is based on hydrofluorether (HFE) formulation that is non-ozone depleting and does not contain any hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).