BOC is expanding its global hydrogen supply network and helping to produce cleaner fuels with a new plant in Salt Lake City.

The plant, which represents an investment of nearly $50 million, will supply both Chevron and Holly Corporation's Utah subsidiary with hydrogen at their refineries. Both refineries are in the process of upgrading their facilities to be in accordance with new US Environmental Protection Agency laws concerning lower sulphur emissions.

BOC's facility, located within Chevron's 49,000 barrel-a-day capacity refinery site, will supply Chevron with hydrogen and steam, with the Holly refinery, capable of 26,000 barrel-a-day, receiving hydrogen through a 5 mile pipeline. Construction on the hydrogen plant is expected to begin by early July, with production commencing by mid 2006.

\\$quot;We are pleased to support Chevron and Holly in their efforts to protect our environment. When so much of the world's attention is focused on ensuring secure energy sources, BOC is proud to provide customers with a cost effective supply of hydrogen so they can continue to meet consumers' energy demands,\\$quot; said Trevor Burt, president, Process Gas Solutions, Americas.

\\$quot;The hydrogen capacity also gives Chevron and Holly greater flexibility to process a variety of crude oil slates, a key consideration given the increasing amount of heavier, sourer crudes coming to market,\\$quot; Alan Lantosca, Vice President of Major Tonnage Projects said.

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