Did you know that BOC South Pacific’s helium refinery in Darwin, Australia is the only one in the Southern Hemisphere?

Helium is a unique element which is colourless, tasteless and non-flammable. It has many applications and is used extensively in the medical, defence, manufacturing and research industries as well as for subsea diving and leak detection.

Locally, BOC has invested heavily in helium production, developing the Southern Hemisphere’s only helium refinery in Darwin, Australia. The construction of the plant is part of BOC’s global strategy to ensure continuity of supply for its customers.

It is important to note there are distinctions between pure gaseous helium, pure liquid helium and industrial grade gaseous helium. The various types of helium have individualised and specific uses. For instance, helium for balloons is a different product than liquid helium, and hence supply to one sector does not impact supply to another sector.

BOC believes that safety should not be left to chance: It is prudent to remember that inhaling helium is no laughing matter. Helium is an asphyxiant and when inhaled can be fatal.

Find out more about this in BOC’s video on helium below.