The crème of the UK's aspiring motor technicians will have state-of-the-art welding gas and equipment to train with thanks to a two year agreement between BOC Industrial and Thatcham, the UK's authority on all things motor repair.

Thatcham offers three technical apprenticeships through its apprentice centre including a vehicle body panel technical certificate where amongst other topics, apprentices learn the theory and practice of spot and MIG welding as well as how to prepare, test and maintain welding equipment.

Under the agreement apprentices will have access to the full range of BOC welding gases, safety gear, BOC welding equipment designed and manufactured to strict BOC specifications including BOC MIG welding machines, flashback arrestors and regulators. The agreement includes a strong emphasis on BOC safety training procedures, equipment, PPE as well as access to specialist technical guidance.

BOC Industrial marketing director, Dynes Woodrow said: \\$quot;Because the repair sector is continually changing to meet the demands of manufacturers and insurers for safe, efficient motor repair, BOC works with automotive customers to develop products and services that meet that need and help them grow their business.

Woodrow continued: \\$quot;There is a clear and present need to address the national skills shortage in the motor industry and this agreement represents the ideal learning partnership, combining Thatcham\\$quot;s expert tutoring with BOC\\$quot;s state-of-the-art welding gas and equipment.

\\$quot;Providing safe, well regulated hands-on experience with tools and techniques gives apprentices valuable skills they can use and refine in the workplace. Experience also shows that investing in training can help body repair shops improve their turnover.\\$quot;

Woodrow added: \\$quot;The link with Thatcham has extra value for BOC as it gives an understanding of new repair techniques designed for manufacturers such as BMW, VW and Renault as they are developed in the research centre.\\$quot;