Families all over the world are eating fresher and tastier chicken, turkey and duck thanks to BOC's work with some of the world's largest poultry processors.

The company helps processors improve product consistency, taste and freshness, while reducing waste and downtime, controlling costs and increasing yield.

The group\\$quot;s vice president for global food marketing, Steve Hope, says processors can work with BOC to address their range of needs, from increasing throughput and product flexibility, to improving quality and yield and reducing operating costs.

'We are proud of our history of delivering reliable engineered solutions to address customers' atmosphere and temperature control, yield enhancement and water management requirements,\\$quot; he continued. \\$quot;These solutions enable processors to accomplish their quality and productivity goals, while allowing them to concentrate on their core business - producing delicious, high quality food for consumers.'

BOC will be displaying its cryogenic freezing and chilling technologies, process optimisation and water management services for poultry processors from January 25-27 at the International Poultry Exhibition in Atlanta, US.