BOC Industrial is supporting the continued growth in the United Kingdom construction sector with the launch of a portable compound designed for the safe storage of industrial gases on building sites across the country.

The first of its kind in the UK, the three metre container-like structure has been designed by BOC Industrial to store acetylene, argon and other compressed gases regularly used in metal fabrication.

The BOC portable compound does not trap toxic or flammable gases that may have leaked in storage. Instead, by allowing air to circulate throughout the compound, any leakages are quickly and continually dissipated without danger to site staff or contractors.

Programme manager, Darren Gurney said: $quot;We know that a secure and safe supply of compressed gases is crucial that's why we've made safe handling, transport and storage a priority for BOC employees and customers.$quot;

BOC Industrial has installed the first portable compound at a BOC agent site in the midlands and another 10 compounds are expected to be completed and despatched early in the new year.