BOC Sureserve makes an attempt to tackle used dispense gas cylinders creating a safety hazard for licensees and customers.

Every year up to about 20,000 used dispense gas cylinders left unclaimed or damaged in pubs and clubs are 'salvaged' by the trade association Keg Watch and where possible, returned to the cylinder owner.

Over the next six months BOC Sureserve staff in the south of England will be an extra pair of eyes for the association - noting the number and location of unclaimed cylinders and passing that information to Keg Watch.

BOC Sureserve product manager, Piers Capper said: $quot;The tie-up with Keg Watch will definitely see more cylinders returned to the rightful owner but more importantly, will help improve gas safety in the hospitality industry.$quot;

Gas providers are required to test cylinders periodically to ensure they remain intact and safe to use. Last year BOC Sureserve scrapped up to 5 percent of its drinks dispense cylinders that failed the company's rigorous testing process.

The tie-up between BOC Sureserve and Keg Watch is part of the gas expert's campaign to raise awareness of safety with drinks dispense gases - a campaign that includes advertising, safety seminars, direct marketing and working with Environmental Health officers, pub companies an industry bodies.