iGAS’s Brian Turner worked alongside BOC to provide a sheerness air filter replacement which offered four-fold benefits.

BOC recently looked to iGAS to replace an inlet filter on the Main Air Compressor CP11. Perceived benefits were three-fold: not only would the device be replaced before nearing its life-time, but it would also enable an upgrade to a higher efficiency unit which would reduce power use, while also allowing the operating envelope to be further away from the compressor surge line.

In fact when Brian Turner, Project Director, actioned the scheme, actual benefits exceeded expectations. Choice of the new filter also allowed for an increase in the suction pipework to 24”. This resulted in a lower inlet differential pressure which in-turn helped to ‘de-bottleneck’ CP11 under performance, and consequently improve Air Separation Unit (ASU) plant output.

Supplied to meet BOC specification, the new filter was supplied by SPX Dollinger. Similarly, BOC’s SCADA system was updated to reflect the changes, as were the associated drawings.

iGAS enjoys working with BOC on various projects, varying in scale and complexity. According to the firm, it is already working on a number of projects with BOC.