British BOC is set to help cut the rate of ozone depleting emissions across the building sector with the introduction of EcomateR, an environmentally friendly foam blowing agent.

In an agreement reached with leading US polyurethane foam systems manufacturer Foam Supplies, BOC’s special products business has gained the exclusive right to license and distribute the new foam blowing agent throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Foam blowing agents* are used to produce polyurethanes which given their strong insulating properties, are widely used in refrigeration and building insulation. In development in the US since 2000, Ecomate has achieved a zero rating for ozone depletion and global warming potential.

BOC director of special products, Mike Dennis said: \\$quot;The impact of climate change is such that everyone in the building sector, whether they are planners, architects, construction companies or contractors, are increasingly looking to use environment-friendly building materials in new-build projects.

“BOC is delighted to be adding Ecomate to our range of foam blowing agents. Its credentials are well established and by providing customers with an environmentally sound and cost effective solution, BOC believes it can make a vital contribution to the ‘greening’ of our built environment.”

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