BOC is supplying the green hydrogen to fuel Ireland’s first hydrogen bus.

Hydrogen Mobility Ireland confirmed on Tuesday (10th Nov) that the bus will begin trials soon in Dublin.

Developed by bus and coach manufacturer CaetanoBus and powered by a 60kW Toyota fuel cell stack, H2.CityGold will run the vehicle on green hydrogen produced by BOC at its Dublin plant.

A member of Hydrogen Mobility Ireland, a group of industrial stakeholders aiming to develop the use of hydrogen for mobility in Ireland, BOC said it will produce and supply green hydrogen through the process of electrolysis using renewable electricity.

Andreas Bieringer -Gary Brennan - H2 Mobility_4455-176

Source: BOC

“BOC is delighted to be part of Ireland’s first hydrogen powered bus trial. As a Linde company we’ve installed nearly 200 hydrogen refuelling stations worldwide and successfully fuelled over 1.5 million hydrogen vehicles,” said Andreas Bieringer, Director of BOC Ireland.

“We have the experience and capability to support HMI’s desire to quickly scope and implement profitable hydrogen mobility projects at scale, driving carbon reduction and helping to achieve net-zero emission targets.”

BOC is working closely with HMI to develop a hydrogen mobility roadmap for the transport sector, set to drive forward Ireland’s ambition to establish a comprehensive refuelling infrastructure that will support commercial and private hydrogen transport.