BOC’s portable ventilators have been approved for use with NHS Ambulance Service Trusts.

BOC Healthcare’s Oxylator pneumatically-powered portable ventilators can now be used by NHS Ambulance Service Trusts. The products are included within the NWCCA Framework Agreement.

The North West Collaborative Commercial Agency (NWCCA) is the purchasing agency for NHS Trusts in England. The Framework Agreement provides a common approach for pre-approving products and services, giving member Trusts confidence that the items they are purchasing meet standard conditions of performance and safety.

The Oxylator portable ventilators from BOC, a member of The Linde Group, automatically adjust to patients’ lung characteristics.

The devices give immediate confirmation of oxygen delivery to the lungs – as well as alerting the operator to blockages in the airway.

The ventilators automatically synchronise with continuous chest compressions (manual or mechanical).

They are simple to clean and disinfect, with a five-year warranty, and require no conventional maintenance or calibration for the lifetime of the device, reducing product on-costs.

Rachel Mason, BOC Healthcare’s Sales Marketing Manager said, “We are looking forward to working with Ambulance Service Trusts over the coming months to assess their portable ventilator needs. The Oxylator range offers a new standard in care to patients during resuscitation attempts and short term ventilation support.”