BOC has been recognised by the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) for excellent safety and environmental performance in 2005.

The CGA awarded its prestigious Fleet Safety and Environmental Excellence awards at the industry group's annual meeting in Florida last month.

The Environmental Excellence award recognises industrial gases companies whose efforts have a significantly positive effect on our environment. BOC received the award for work done at its City of Industry, California, air separation plant. BOC received the Fleet Safety award for the safe driving of its cylinder trucks in the over three million-mile category.

BOC's fleet of some 200 trucks in Canada and the US covered 6.4 million miles in 2005. These drivers supply customers in all 10 of Canada's provinces with a range of industrial, medical and specialty gases for use in applications ranging from welding to healthcare and laboratory testing. In the US BOC supplies liquid and gaseous helium to customers for a variety of uses, including scientific research, medical testing and equipment manufacturing.

This is the second time BOC has received the cylinder truck fleet safety award. BOC is a seven-time recipient of the CGA's bulk fleet safety award in the over 20 million-mile category.