Reflecting its continuing success in the rapidly growing solar sector, BOC Lien Hwa (BOCLH) has been selected to supply Taiwan’s Auria Solar with a wide range of bulk & specialty gases used in the manufacturing process of solar cells.

As Taiwan’s leading electronic gases supplier, BOCLH is a joint venture between The Linde Group and Taiwan’s Lien Hwa Corporation, offering gases, gas supply systems and services for numerous applications in semiconductor, solar cell, and TFT-LCD production.

Under the newly revealed long-term agreement, BOCLH will provide Auria with turnkey installation of gas supply systems, together with ongoing delivery of the gases essential to making thin film solar cells. These include large volumes of silane and chamber cleaning gases.

The Auria plant ‘broke ground’ in February and is just commencing production of thin-film solar cell modules. Located in Taiwan’s fourth largest city, Tainan, the plant will have an initial capacity to produce thin-film solar panels with a power output of 60 Megawatts peak (MWp) - incorporating multi-layer cell technology for increased efficiency.

Alex Tong, President of BOCLH, “We are proud to have been selected as a supplier to Auria. Gases are a critical component in thin film cell manufacture, and our partnership with Auria reinforces Linde’s mission to develop and apply advanced gas technologies that help manufacturers move towards lower cost energy.”

“This major contract reinforces our position as the gas supplier of choice for thin film projects in Taiwan.”

Dr. ChinYao Tsai, Auria General Manager, commented, “We are very pleased to be working with BOCLH. This contract will not only strengthen the cooperative relationship between Auria and BOCLH, but will also provide Auria with a stable and reliable material supply chain as our project develops.”

Founded in October 2007, Auria Solar’s investors include E-Ton Solar, Lite-On Technology Corp, Hermes-Epitek Corp. and MiTAC-SYNNEX Group. E-Ton and photovoltaic parts maker Lite-On will be the largest shareholders with 23.9% each in the company.