The Bontang LNG plant on the eastern coast of the island of Borneo celebrates its 30th year of operation and is currently the second largest in the world after Qatar, having begun operating with 2 trains in 1977.

The plant, operated by PT Badak NGL, now has 8 operating trains and produces a capacity of 22.3 million tpy of LNG and received a visit from a number of Brunei government officials, organised by Total E&P Borneo and Total E&P Indonesie.

Since the plant was built it has shipped almost 6,700 cargos of LNG to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and has 4 pipelines that bring gas to the plant, provided by Total E&P Indonesie (80%), Vico Indonesia (around 15%) and Chevron (5%).

Speaking of the gas relations between Brunei and Indonesia, a member of the management team at PT Badak said, “Brunei also operates an LNG plant and our technical people have close ties with their Brunei counterparts as they discuss common problems they experience on a frequent basis.”

Looking to the future goals of the Bontang LNG plant, PT Badak’s Specialist Coordinator John S Szot commented, “So all the gas that is being produced and sent to us, we process it into LNG. This is our main goal now, to keep a high reliability in the plant, have no breakdowns and try to maximise the profit for all our producers, by minimising our operating expenses through good preventative maintenance programmes.”

PT Badak NGL, a non-profit company, solely exists to operate the facility and is owned by PT Pertamina, Vico Indonesia, JILCO and Total E&P Indonesie.