For over 5 decades the Cryoquip LLC has manufactured and specialized in cryogenic engineered solutions, heat exchangers, fuel fired vaporizers, LNG re-gasification systems, cold boxes and ambient air vaporizers. Cryoquip designs and manufactures cryogenic systems for industries worldwide, for cryogenic fluids, LNG, CNG, ammonia, ethylene, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, helium, CO2 and other exotic gases. Cryoquip has strategically located manufacturing facilities in USA, Australia, Brasil, China, Europe, India, and Malaysia. These facilities are unrivalled in the industry capable of providing engineered cryogenic processing equipment throughout the world.      [email protected]

ACD, LLC. is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic pumps and turbo machinery for the industrial gas, oil, and alternative fuels industries.  Its diverse product lines include a variety of cryogenic pumps for (L/CNG) fuel gas, quick disconnect LNG nozzle for fueling services,  high pressure cylinder/storage filling systems, trailer off-loading, bulk transfer, bunkering operation, and storage tank filling.  With additional in-house pump training programs, customers are given operational instruction and provided with current technologies to ensure pumps are operating at the highest efficiencies.   With over 50 years of experience, ACD continues to offer highly engineered solutions to the most challenging problems in cryogenic equipment design and operation.

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