ISISAN, is part of a group company with expertise in the design and manufacture of highly engineered pressurized transportation and storage equipment for cryogenic fluids (LIN, LOX, LAr, LNG) LCO2 and LN2O for use in industrial, healthcare, electronics, food, energy and environmental applications, located on 46000sqm area, right in the middle of central Anatolia, very close to European and Middle Eastern market.

With the confidence of experience over 50 years ISISAN is globally reachable by sales offices and after sales services  in Germany, United Arab Emirates, Algeria and India.

Today ISISAN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cryogenic storage tanks and cryogenic transport tanks. More than 65% of ISISAN’s output is exported to the world’s largest industrial gas companies in more 62 countries from multiple production sites worldwide with the mission of improving our scale, scope and expertise to deliver high quality, reliable, environmentally friendly products and services.

All of our products are manufactured accordingly to international standards and have certificates from worldwide inspection authorities which permit us to be privileged among well known companies over the world.