Cryotech Asia

Experienced cryogenics and depot

At Cryotech Asia we believe that our business exists to serve its customers. We offer a wide variety of cryogenic bulk storage tanks ranging from 750 to 100,000 litres. Especially in LCO2 and LNG we have a lot of field experience. For standard types of transportable tanks, we manufacture sizes up to 33,000 litres, semi-trailers and T50/ IMO-5, T75/IMO-7 ISO tank containers in 10’, 20’ and 40’ frame-size. We also offer full service and depot facilities for cryogenic ISO tank containers on site.


Full range in cryogenics

Cryovat has been focusing on the market of industrial gases for more than 40 years and is your solution for the design and manufacture of stationary and transportable cryogenic storage tanks for LIN/LOX/LAr, LCO2/LN2O and LNG up to 1,000,000 litres, small scale LNG components (land and marine based), ISO tank containers T75, vaporizers and nitrogen packages up to turn-key projects. Cryovat also offers services like repair, refurbishment, maintenance, recertification and modification of existing equipment.

Cryotech Middle East is a sister company of Cryovat and Cryotech Asia and members of the RootselaarGroup.

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Delivering the best in cryogenics.