Chart group manufactures a broad line of cryogenic and low temperature products for the purification, liquefaction, distribution, storage and application of gases such as natural gas, other hydrocarbons, air gases and carbon dioxide for final use in a multitude of energy, industrial, commercial and scientific applications.

Chart D&S Europe manufactures a wide portfolio of state-of-the-art distribution and storage gas cryogenic solutions produced in multiple facilities, Chart Ferox, Gofa, Flow Instruments. Its products include, stationary bulk tanks, a complete array of mobile cryogenic equipment with unique “Flowcom 3000” measurement system, transportable liquid cylinders, ambient vaporizers and VIP. The company’s LNG small scale  chain includes LNG terminals, satellite plants with cryogenic vessels up to 1.000 000 litres, onboard fuel systems for ships and vehicles, bunkering terminals, vehicle mobile and stationary fuelling stations, ISO intermodal containers for land and marine transport, Trailers and Swap Bobbies , as well as gas supply back-up and peak-shaver systems. Chart Ferox can supply complete engineering support, manufacturing, sales and service of the highest quality.

Our mission is to leverage our scale, scope and expertise to deliver high-quality, reliable, environmentally friendly products and services at lower cost.