Cryovat has been focusing on the market of industrial gases for almost 50 years. The activities of Cryovat include design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of stationary and transportable cryogenic storage tanks for LIN/LOX/LAR, LCO2/LN2O and LNG, small scale LNG equipment, Nitrogen packages and ISO tank containers. Aluminium ambient air vaporisers and waterbath vaporisers are also included in the program adding to our full supply scope of equipment to the gas industry. The equipment is manufactured for storage purposes in horizontal and vertical orientation (up to 1,000,000 litres) and for transport purposes as T75/IMO-7 ISO tank containers and skids.

Cryotech Middle East is our latest depot and service station in Dubai/UAE close to Dubai Port and free zone. Repair vary from initial vacuum check to complete refurbishment of gas and cryogenic T50/T75 tank containers in 10”- 20” and 40” frame-sizes subject to prior inspection and approval.

Cryovat and Cryotech Middle East are members of the RootselaarGroup offering a full and comprehensive range of pressure vessels, cryogenics, gas systems and services. Together with group member Cryotech Asia in Bangkok - Thailand we aim to cover your cryogenic requirements wherever you are in the world.