The Global Gases Group, head quartered at Dubai (UAE) is an expanding company supplying a portfolio of products for customers expecting extremely high levels of service and support including:

A comprehensive portfolio of pure gases, diving gases, specialised welding gases and Nitrogen purge/leak test solutions, all servicing the manufacturing & Oil and Gas Industries among others.

A Liquid Helium supply service for MRI and NMR medical operations.

Manufacturing & Leasing of Cylinders/Cylinder Packs & ISO Tanks.

Global Gases network is spread over 22 countries in 5 continents with Helium, Argon, CO2, Nitrogen gas and cryogen filling facilities in Dubai, Singapore, Cape Town, Kuala Lumpur, Perth, Melbourne, Nanjing, Zhongshan, Changsha, Chennai, Bangkok, Malta, Poti, Kabul, and Port Moresby (PNG) which are well supported by sales offices in Mumbai, Ravenna, Lagos, Singapore and Yangon.

Our strategic locations Worldwide ensures efficient service to our customers across the entire Middle East, Africa, the Mediterranean, South East Asia, the Indian Sub-continent, and Central Asia and UAE.