Cryogas Industries Group was established in 1996 in India. The Group is dedicated and focussed to design, engineering, manufacture, test, supply, install and commission different sizes and types of specialized Cryogenic Equipment, Cryogenic Storage & Transport Tanks, Industrial Gas Filling Stations, Industrial Gas Back-up Supply Systems, Turnkey Contracts, Cryogenic Vaporization Systems, etc.

Wide range of cryogenic vaporizers, heating systems, gas flow control skids, special purpose cryogenic systems are designed and manufactured to customer requirement across the globe. Cryogas Equipment Group has manufacturing facilities within India and in Special Economic Zone to cater to the domestic market as well as exporting to more than 50 countries. Different companies in the Group follow ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 systems.

Cryogas Equipment Group also manufactures complete LNG Regasification Stations, Fuelling Stations, On Board Fuel Supply Systems and LNG/CNG Dispensing Stations.

In strategic partnership with Sumitomo Heavy Industries Limited of Japan, Cryogas Industries Group offers Portable Liquefaction Plant for Nitrogen, Helium, Cryostats, Laboratory applications as well as R&D activities.

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