M1 Engineering is an independent UK-based manufacturer with 40 years of experience in the supply of cryogenic tank trailers and ISO tank containers.

We focus on providing market leading payloads throughout our product range and are at the forefront of technical advances in the cryogenic transport equipment industry.

M1 Engineering’s range of cryogenic tank trailers and ISO tank containers include designs for the carriage of Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon, LNG, Carbon Dioxide , Liquid Ethylene, and Nitrous Oxide.

Today we supply our products globally.  Our all aluminium and all stainless steel tank trailers and ‘Microbulk’ rigid units are optimised to meet individual countries’ gross vehicle weights. Our range of ISO cryogenic containers include 20ft, 30ft, and 40 ft options in working pressures from 4 to 36 bar.

 For LNG, in addition to our high payload road tankers and 40 ft ISO Containers, we also supply vehicle re-fuelling stations.