DataOnline is the leading global provider of M2M solutions to the Industrial Gas Industry specifically for the monitoring of both fixed and mobile remote assets.

Our applications include tank level monitoring, ISO container tracking, tube trailer monitoring, LNG container tracking & monitoring, CO2 tank monitoring for the carbonated beverage market & gas mixing system monitoring.

DataOnline specializes in robust and reliable hardware, data acquisition, wireless communications & web based software. We supply end-to-end solutions that are quick, easy and cost effective

DOLV3 is DataOnline’s flagship on-demand (SaaS) software and is accessible anywhere in the world via a web browser. It provides the tools to deploy, configure & manage DataOnline & 3rd party remote devices and hosts a range of industry specific applications to help companies manage their remote assets.

DOLV3 is directly connected into many of the world’s leading telecom carriers and is providing the pipeline to connect to and manage devices in over 65 countries across the world.

DataOnline has offices in the US, Europe & Asia and a global network of representative companies. With an installed base of 120,000+ devices across industry, located in over 65 countries throughout the world, DataOnline ensures that it can provide solutions ‘Anywhere & Everywhere’.