CRYOLOR SA is part of the Air Liquide Group and is based near Metz in eastern France, close to the centre of the European market. Cryolor’s second design and manufacturing center is in the Asia/ Middle-East region through a factory in Chennai, Southern India which supports markets in Asia and the Middle-East. Cryolor also recently launched a manufacturing center for Giant Tanks at Ras El Khaima for cryogenic storage vessels up to 1000m3. These centers specialize in storage and transportation vessels for LNG, Atmospheric Gases, CO2, and LH2.

Cryolor’s manufacturing centers are well established delivering up to 1000 tanks and 150 trailers per year to provide global support to MEA, North America including Mexico, Canada and USA, Asia, and Europe. All 3 centers design and manufacture to several international codes and certifications. These include PED, TPED, CE, ASME, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001. Our cryogenic product offering includes tanks from 3 to 1000 m3 and transports from 10 to 80 m3.

CRYOLOR has over 50 years experience in design and manufacture of cryogenic storage and distribution products. The company’s reputation for quality products, cutting edge innovation and services is unparalleled. Cryolor pioneered modular stainless piping and all stainless valve bodies have become today’s reference for industry standards in cryogenic tank and trailer designs. Cryolor exports its products globally from its three manufacturing locations and has service personnel conveniently located close to its customers in various geographies, to provide rapid assistance. Cryolor’s customers include all the major producers of cryogenic gases worldwide. Our website is: